About Us

Woolsey HallEach year MB&B holds a departmental retreat.  At these retreats there will  be a combination of  talks and poster presentations, along with time to relax and interact with your MB&B colleagues from all disciplines and corners of campus.  

Who May Attend?:  The Scientific Retreat is open to graduate students, postdocs, faculty, M.D./Ph.D. and B.S./M.S. students, and other professional-rank people associated with MB&B. This retreat itself is not open to family members or guests.

Schedule/Activities:  The scientific retreat will feature talks by faculty, poster sessions, as well as activities, mixers with D.J., games, hikes, etc.  

Fees:  All who plan to attend must register and pay the standard registration by the deadline - usually about 2 weeks prior to the event.  Remember: Register early—first come first served. No refunds can be made for cancelations not received before the registration deadline.  Note: if the COA is a grant, PI must provide written authorization and indicate the benefit for audit purposes.  A form for this purpose will be sent to the PI and it needs to be returned to Zaida Washington.

The amount of fees charged will be determined each year prior to the retreat.  The 2018 fees have yet to be established.

(The fees for the 2017 retreat were: Graduate Students: $110; Post Docs/Postgrads/Associate Research Scientists/Research Scientists: $150; Faculty: $200 (faculty will a receive a single room))

To keep “no shows” to a minimum we have instituted the following policy:  First Year  Students:  There is no charge for first year students to attend. However to ensure your attendance, we ask for a credit card number after registration.  There will be a $50.00 no show fee charged to that card ONLY if you register and do not attend the retreat.

Posters/Poster Prizes:  Posters are strongly encouraged! All posters should be up and available for viewing for the duration of the meeting. Prizes will be awarded for the best posters by students and postdocs.

Graduate  Students:  The Robert Macnab Memorial Prize will be awarded to the best graduate student poster at the MB&B Scientific Retreat. The winner will receive a $300 gift certificate to Atticus Bookstore & Cafe, and his/her name will be inscribed on a departmental plaque (Open to grad students years 3 to 7.)

Postdocs:  The MB&B Postdoctoral Prize will be given for the best postdoctoral poster presentation at the MB&B Scientific Retreat.  Prize to be determined.

Transportation:  You can drive or carpool but plan on a 3 hour drive and plan to arrive before 10:00am.  There also will be a bus that leaves from the MB&B parking lot at 7:00 am on Friday morning, returning Saturday afternoon from MBL. 

Seats need to be prepaid by check or credit card (NO CASH) and are non-refundable (per the bus contract).  Seats are first come, first serve.

Bus information coming soon.